Update info: Translator++ Ver. 6.2.21

Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 6.2.21

Ver. 6.2.21

  • update Pylivemakerparser ver. 0.6
  • fix Pylivemakerparser: Ability to translate menu choice
  • fix Pylivemakerparser: Import/Inject translation is using simultaneus processing and is faster.
  • update XMLTrans ver. 0.4
  • add XMLTrans : ability to translate attributes
  • add XMLTrans : Start a new project from XML documents
  • fix JSONForm’s dynamic loading libraries
  • fix JSONForm styling for expandable fieldsets
  • fix JSONForm’s default state of added tab on expandable fieldsets
  • update RM2K2K3 Parser ver. 0.4
  • fix RM2K2K3 : Supports for XMLTrans ver 0.4



This is Beta release.

You can update your Translator++ via auto-update.