Update info: Translator++ Ver. 4.8.1

Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 4.8.1

Ver. 4.8.1

  • fix Import translation error when the imported filename is not found on the current project
  • fix Import dialog window redesigned to be more sensible
  • fix Merge then translate (ctrl+shift+g) crashed on some text
  • update VNTextPatch ver 3.4
  • add Support for KaGuYa (message.dat) engine
  • add Mware (.nut) engine
  • add Softpal (script.src) engine
  • add TmrHiroAdvSystem(.srp) engine
  • update Add : Caiyun Xiaoyi 0.1.1- a warning when API key not provided



This is Beta release.

You can update your Translator++ via auto-update.