Update info: Translator++ Ver. 4.1.9

This is Beta release.


Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 4.1.9

Ver. 4.1.9

  • fix VNTranslationTools invalid projectID assignment
  • fix DeepL missing texts after “/”
  • update Sugoi Translator Ver. 0.1.6
  • add Sugoi : Option to translate text in batch (Need to patch Sugoi Offline Translator)
  • update VNTranslationTools 0.3
  • add Support for WillPlus AdvHD (.ws2) via VNTranslationTools
  • add Code Editor : session. A variable container that retained for each iteration and reset for each session.
  • add Code Editor : gracefully stop the process
  • fix RMRGSS display the progress when parsing common events
  • fix Update script is optimized.


You can update your Translator++ via auto-update.