Translator++ Ver. 6.2.29 – Portable Object Parser

Greeting fellow translator.

we added a new scope to start the project.

Translating .PO format

Now you can start the project for PO file format.

A .PO file is a portable object file, which is text-based. These types of files are used in commonly in software development. The .PO file may be referenced by Java programs, GNU gettext, or other software programs as a properties file. These files are saved in a human-readable format so that they can be viewed in a text editor by engineers and translators.

Add-on for PO Library
Start a project with .po file

Translating .XML file format

now you can start the project with .XML file format

Start a project with .XML file



  • Fix : Cannot inject translation if no object selected
  • Fix : Make the difference between Inject All and Inject selection more obvious.
  • Fix : AddonUtils : added more hooks
  • Update : RM2K2K3 Parser ver. 0.5 – Parsers reworked to use AddonUtils
  • Update : RM2K2K3 – Better encoding recognition
  • Update : RM2K2K3 – Added the event’s code name for Maniac Patch
  • Update : RM2K2K3 – Added guide on how to add custom fonts
  • Fix : HOT Core: Fixed the wrong offset of the marker when rearranging column order
  • Fix : Grid info are reset after moving the column


  • Update: Pylivemakerparser ver. 0.6
  • Fix: Pylivemakerparser: Ability to translate menu choice
  • Fix: Pylivemakerparser: Import/Inject translation is using simultaneus processing and is faster.
  • Update : XMLTrans ver. 0.4
  • Add : XMLTrans : ability to translate attributes
  • Add : XMLTrans : Start a new project from XML documents
  • Fix : JSONForm’s dynamic loading libraries
  • Fix : JSONForm styling for expandable fieldsets
  • Fix : JSONForm’s default state of added tab on expandable fieldsets
  • Update : RM2K2K3 Parser ver. 0.4
  • Fix : RM2K2K3 : Supports for XMLTrans ver 0.4


  • Add: PO Library Ver. 0.1: Add support for *.po file
  • Add: PO Library: *.po file translation project
  • Add: PO Library: Import translation from *.po files
  • Add: PO Library: Export file into *.po format
  • Fix: 6.2.7 patch has makes import function to not work


  • Fix : Clean up imported file data from memory after import dialog UI closed.
  • Fix : CustomFields bug when setting JSON form on first argument.


  • Update : VNTextPatch ver. 0.8
  • Fix : VNTextPatch: Characters’ name can be processed properly and by default tagged yellow
  • Update : RM2k & RM2k3 ver. 0.3
  • Fix : RM2k & RM2k3: Add event command code into the context
  • Fix : RM2k & RM2k3: Add default tags for the dangerous-to-translate-texts
  • Fix : RM2k & RM2k3: Comments are excluded from the grid (unlike another RPGMaker Comments has no playability value on RM2k & 2k3)
  • Update : XML Parser ver. 0.3
  • Fix : XML Parser: Use ParserBase class extension
  • Fix : XML Parser: Merge translate method with ParserBase’s
  • Fix : XML Parser: Unwanted multiple contexts
  • Fix : Class ParserBase: Allow add default translation on registerString()
  • Fix : ui.openImportTrans dialog window optimized
  • Add : trans.importFromFile() now accepts both filePath or Trans object
  • Add : AddonUtils class – Utility to add basic parser’s methods


  • Fix : trans.updateProject() also imports cellInfo, comments, parameters
  • Update : UnityTrans ver.0.6.1
  • Fix : UnityTrans – Better update procedure
  • Critical : rmdir method: Removing path with space may remove unwanted directory