Translator++ Ver. 6.1.31 – Translation Proxy

Hello fellow translator! How’s it going in this new year?

Translator++ has reached its 6th version, meaning Translator++ has been around for 6 years now.

Translation Proxy

Translator++ often uses automatic translation services, whether paid or not.

Translation Proxy acts as a gateway, running API services on the HTTP protocol, allowing you to leverage Translator++’s automatic translation in any translation application you desire.
Now you can use a single translation API for any translation service out there!

Translation Proxy add-on
Translation Proxy option on main bar

Add-on Search bar

There’s a new feature – a search bar for installed add-on configs and the add-on store. You can input keywords like the name, developer, or description.

Search bar for add-on

yurisparser 0.7

Support parser for YU-RIS engine version 0.5++



  • Update : Translation Proxy ver. 0.4
  • Fix : Translation Proxy : Quick switch between secure and insecure service
  • Add : Translation Proxy: supports DeepLPro API.
  • Add : Translation Proxy: quick setting for port.
  • Add : Translation Proxy: Menu to view connection information.
  • Update : UnityTrans ver. 0.6
  • Fix : Add a new option for trans.updateProject() to preserve the record that not exist in the updated data


  • Update : transLitellm ver. 0.5
  • Fix : transLitellm – multiple server started simultaneously if batch translating
  • Fix : transLitellm – Lock the installation to the known working version.
  • Add : transLitellm – Added a button to actively enable LiteLLM server and to view the status.
  • Add : transLitellm – Added LiteLLM menu at main menu.
  • Update : TranslationProxy ver. 0.2
  • Fix : TranslationProxy: Fix intermittent problem caused by a race condition on module load
  • Add : TranslationProxy: Automatic cache to the current active grid
  • Update : GPT4All ver. 0.3
  • Fix : GPT4All – Change of configuration not immediately reflected until Translator++ restarted


  • Fix : Addon’s options can set default value correctly
  • Update : yurisparser ver. 0.7
  • Add : yurisparser: Added support for YU-RIS engine ver 0.5++
  • Fix : yurisparser: The more detailed information about repack options on the inject dialog box.
  • Add : Translation Proxy Ver. 0.1 – A way to use a single API for all available translation services


  • Fix : Disabled NW framework on external pages that caused problem for Baidu’s interceptor window
  • Add : HTMLCloakingInsensitive code escape class
  • Add : HexPlacecholderInsensitive code escape class
  • Update : TransGoogleFreeV2 Ver. 0.3
  • Update : TransGoogleFreeV2: Added support for HTMLCloakingInsensitive & HexPlacecholderInsensitive, which worked best for new GoogleFreeV2
  • Update : pylivemakerparser ver. 0.4
  • Fix : pylivemakerparser: Stucked when parsing INSTALL.DAT on some games
  • Update : ChatGPT ver. 0.3.7
  • Fix : ChatGPT: The default prompt for JSONcloaking has been changed for better translation result
  • Add : Search bar for add-on manager & installer