Translator++ V.2.12.30 – RPG Maker MZ

Hello fellow translators,

It’s been a year since the corona virus outbreak began.

2020 is passing just like that. I don’t think I have done many productive things this year due to the lock down and all…

This year KADOKAWA also released the latest version of RPG Maker… RPG Maker MZ. However, this latest RPG maker is getting a lot of negative reactions. There are only a handful playable games currently released under RPG Maker MZ. And most of those games are ported from previous RPG Maker MV. Even so, I believe that by the time, people will slowly move on to RPG Maker MZ.

Translator++ Ver. 2.12.30

  • Fix : Remember the last position of the selected ribbon when updating the project.
  • Add : RPG Maker MZ support
  • Enigma extraction now done before the project creation process.

Translator ++Version 2.12.30 focuses on RPG Maker MZ. This is follow ups of the results of a poll made a few months ago. Thank you for your votes and your support on Translator++.

You can now create a new RPG Maker MZ translation project using the same menu previously used to create a RPG Maker project.

The old menu will have the capability to translates RPG Maker MZ too

Enigma package will be recognized and extracted before processing the game. And of course everything will be done automagically.

The new workflow will allow us to produce dev environment for the games. This will allow us to use the RPG Maker editor to do some minor adjustment easily latter.

This will speedup the process of translation injection latter.

I also have a plan to adopt this workflow for the other RPG Maker engines.

Given the positive reaction from the past pooling results, I also plan to add features for the legacy versions of RPG Maker 2000 & 2003 in the near future. That way Translator++ will fully support all types of RPG Maker.

This newly support for RPG Maker MZ is a perfect closure for this year. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Translator++ Ver. 2.12.30 can be downloaded in the patron’s download page.

Stay safe, stay positive, be productive.