Before you begin

This downloadable update package is provided for patrons who have difficulty updating manually.
Although packages can be installed directly from your computer offline, an internet connection is required for authentication.
It is highly recommended that you perform automatic updates via the method described here.

This method is only applicable on Translator++ version 4.2.24 and greater.


These are only the update packages. You still need to download the full package to make it work. You can download the latest full package on my patreon page.

Update Packages

The following list is generated based on your current account level and privilege. You may need to login to view the hidden packages that are only available for you.

Login to view the list

How to update

  1. Make sure that your Translator++ is already connected to your patreon account.
  2. From Translator++ main menu, select update → Update from package
  3. Select your package file on Update from a package dialog. After that hit Process button.
  4. Wait until the process is completed.