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Translator++ is a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) or computer-aided human translation (CAHT) software for games. It helps translators to produce quality translation efficiently and quickly for various types of game engines such as RPG Makers, Wolf RPG Editor, RenPy, KiriKiri, and many more.

This tool is fully in GUI and equipped with convenient tools crafted to improve your translation experience.

Whether you are full time professional translator or just a hobbyist, you definitely will get the benefit from this tool.


Have you ever wanted a translator service like Google Translate to run offline on your own computer? Or do you want to run a website and translator API like deepL on your local intranet? Don’t worry, we got that covered. With Your Own Japanese-English Translator (YOJET) server you can build that easily.

Recent Post

  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.5.24
    Add : Note indicactor for the respective file object Add : You can see the note when you mouseover from the left menu's item now. Add : The file object are filterable by note Add : Added color indicator for the file object's note Fix : More core function got optimized for speed Add : Indicator on the grid to tell us if the cell is edited by human
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.5.20
    Update : RMRGSS ver. 2.8.3 Fix : RMXP - Can't parse SJIS texts. This bug existed since ver. 5.4.18 Update : KAG Parser ver. 1.6.3 Fix : KAG & TyranoScript: multi line comment has caused the portion of the code being written multiple time Fix : UI improvement: Better in handling blur effect Add : New method on automation's for each row workspace: this.getBestTranslation(), this.getBestTranslationCol() Fix : UI of code editor slightly improved Fix : Opening TPP file via drag and drop. Fix : When autosave performed, current document pointed to autosave.json Fix : Starting from this version autosave will not recorded on save history. Add : Automation : Row iterator - Remove all Japanese character from a column Add : Automation : Row iterator - Remove faulty double quote from translation Add : Automation : Row iterator - Make translated line count match original Fix : Communication with PHP CLI error when parameter is too long, for example when exporting a lot of file at once.
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.5.15
    Fix : Thread not automatically closed bug in 5.5.11 Fix : Removed irelevant options in export wizard.
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.5.11
    Update : RMMVparser ver. 2.6.7 Fix : RMMV & RMMZ: Tags are not applied correctly when thread is used Fix : RMMV & RMMZ: Word wraps are not applied correctly when thread is used Update : RMRGSS ver. 2.8.2 Fix : RMVX, RMVX-ACE, RMXP: Parsing main.rvdata2 that failed since previous version Fix : RMVX, RMVX-ACE, RMXP: Tags are not applied correctly when thread is used Fix : RMVX, RMVX-ACE, RMXP: Word wraps are not applied correctly when thread is used Fix : RMVX, RMVX-ACE, RMXP: Can not inject translation to TES data (main.rvdata2) file
  • Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.5.7
    Fix : When common library is reloaded by add-ons, previously assigned custom libraries are gone Update : Translation Memory ver. 0.1.10 Fix : Translation memory: Live translation pane can not load translation Add : Translation memory: Option to set default behavior of organic translation to re-memorize