November 1

First release

First release of Translator++.
November 12

Support for Wolf RPG Editor was added

Support for worlf RPG Editor was added
November 27

RPG Maker MV support has been added

February 19

Bing Translator has been added

June 30

Baidu Translate support has been added

July 12

300 patrons : 7 More translator support has been added

Will be added when patron count reach 300!
January 1

Support for creating project from spreadsheet has been added

We can now export/import project from csv, xls, xlsx, ods format.
February 29

350 patrons : Create a “one click” procedure to patch a game directly

Many people find it difficult to apply patches manually. I think of a solution to making a playable translated game with only a single click.
June 20

400 patrons : Add support for KiriKiri (KAG) engine

One of the most popular Visual Novel engine is now supported!
August 28

500 patrons : Add support for Renpy

Renpy is probably the most popular visual novel engine for the non-Japanese community out there.
September 6

550 patrons : Add support for Unity Engine

Unity is a cross-platform 3D game engine developed by Unity Technologies. Let see… what Translator++ can do with this engine…
January 2

TBD : Add support for translating raw binary data

September 18

TBD : Add support for Tyrano Builder engine.