Update notice for all patron – Translator++ Ver. 3.3.30

This is update notice for all patrons. You can now update your Translator++ to Ver. 3.3.30 through auto update. Please link your Translator++ with your patreon account to enable auto update. 

Translator ++ Ver. 3.3.30

  • Update : better appearance of update information dialog menu
  • Add : Now it is possible to issuing update from update information dialog menu
  • Fix : External links on popups are sometimes opened on more than one window
  • Fix : Editor on the grid must not trim the whitespaces
  • Add : Options menu on search tool windows
  • Add : Search window’s opacity can be configured
  • Add : Search window always on top state can be configured
  • Fix : Search window will remember screen & position
  • Fix : Bug that caused search window can be opened more than one instance
  • Fix : Prevents Translator++ window to go beyond screen when opening the application (problems when using multiple screen)
  • Fix : Source material in inject dialog window is showing previously opened project.
  • Update : Converted progress display into asynchronous functions
  • Update : better-copy 0.4

Downloadable full package in the download section will be available next week.