Update info: Translator++ Ver. 5.2.1

Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 5.2.1

Ver. 5.2.1
  • update TM ver. 0.1.7
  • fix TM: Error when mysql connection is lost
  • update UnityTrans ver. 0.5
  • fix UnityTrans : Display glitch on the Start a new Project dialog.
  • fix UnityTrans : Error when translation is null
  • fix UnityTrans : Can not export selection
  • fix UnityTrans : Better on detecting translation files (non translation files will be ignored)
  • fix UnityTrans : Allow setting config manually, and the change will reflect in Translator++ GUI
  • fix UnityTrans : Can not parse semicolon value in the configuration file
  • fix UnityTrans : Missing parser info
  • fix Built time stuck on the template’s built time
  • fix Unable to refresh project in some cases
  • fix Switching cells during a cell translation wipes out the cell you switch into


This is Beta release.

You can update your Translator++ via auto-update.