Update info: Translator++ Ver. 3.12.12

This is Beta release.


Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 3.12.12

Ver. 3.12.12

  • update DeepL (Web API): support the latest WEB api model
  • fix DeepL (Web API): Bug when trying to translate the same cells the second time
  • update Papago now support the new web API model
  • fix Custom parser : character encodings are correctly preserved
  • fix Translator++ abruptly closed when closing option window while developer tool is open.
  • update PROMPT (online-translator.com) updated to support the latest WEB api model
  • delete Infoseek translator (Service has been terminated by Rakuten)
  • fix Visual bug on Code Editor when creating a new document, the old filename still on display
  • update RMMV’s snippet viewer overhauled. Now it is a lot faster.


You can update your Translator++ via auto-update.