Update info: Translator++ Ver. 3.11.18

This is Beta release.


Changelog for Translator++ Ver. 3.11.18

Ver. 3.11.18

  • fix Setting on Automatic update option will immediately take effect
  • update Sugoi Trans 0.1.2
  • add Sugoi Trans: Can set maximum parallel thread.
  • add Sugoi Trans: Can set multiple back end servers.
  • update Custom Parser 0.2.3
  • add Custom Parser : Export as zip
  • add Custom Parser : Inject translation
  • add Custom parser : Copying option on Inject translation
  • add Model Editor : White spaces are now visible on the testing pane
  • fix Model Editor : sometime grid is not updated when changing the testing field
  • fix Model Editor : Grid preview’s dimension is responsive to the window size now.
  • fix RMRGSS : Export to zip problem in the new parser.
  • fix RMMVJs : less lagging when exporting into zip file


You can update your Translator++ via auto-update.