Translator++ Ver. 3.5.30

Hello fellow translators,

This is a short notice for all patrons that Translator++ version 3.5.30 is available.

Please update your Translator++ to the latest version via auto-update. There are a lot of improvement for RPG Maker MV engine.

Translator++ Ver. 3.5.30

  • Fix : (again) Tagging doesn’t work when exporting/injecting translations
  • Fix : Various error on the second instance of Translator++ window
  • Update : BING Translator. Microsoft has updated their API. This will work with the latest version of BING free API.
  • Fix : RMMV & RMMZ engine: Unable to select destination directory on resource decryptor dialog.
  • Fix : RMMV : Unable to load javascripts when entry point is index.html file
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine: Option to load scripts & plugins on project creation.
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine: Now variable assignment and Script commands are loaded into project (be very careful with these)
  • Add : RMMV & RMMZ engine: Variable & Script Commands are automatically tagged “red” on project creation.
  • Fix : RMMZ : Inject handler doesn’t worked