Translator++ Ver. 2.10.29

Translator++ Ver. 2.10.29

Hello everyone

Thank you for your support for Translator++.

This month I am very busy at my new job. It’s so busy that I barely have time to post on Patreon. So apologize if I am late in responding to your messages.

Have I told you that I am also one of the “victims” of the Corona virus? Not because I contracted Covid-19, but because of the worsening economic situation amid the Corona pandemic, my old workplace lost a large amount of income. After struggling for a long time in the red situation they finally decided to lay off several workers, including me.

But I believe this bad situation happens to everyone. You might also have through similar situations…. And even worse for some. But whatever situation you’re facing right now, I hope you all stay positive and stay healthy (mentally too).

Despite my busy schedule, I tried to present to you a meaningful update for this month.

This month I focused a lot on creating new modules to support Unity. Unfortunately the current progress for Unity support is still not presentable for Translator++ Ver. 2.10.29.

I also do a lot of QA. During QA I found some bugs and fixed them.

Translator++ Ver. 2.10.29

  • Fix : All url in project’s info will be opened in external browsers
  • Fix : Sometimes RPG Maker game’s title are blank
  • Fix : Key values are editable when translated using Translate here
  • Fix : Marker’s GUI glitch.
  • Fix : Tagging options glitch
  • Add : File path is now shown in the home menu
  • fix : Selected tag options are not detected when injecting translations.
  • Fix : Selected tags are not executed properly when injecting translation.
  • Add : option to load last selected tags.
  • Update : RenParser to 0.2, improve compatibility.

You can download Translator++ Ver. 2.10.29 in the Patron’s download page.