Translator++ Ver. 1.9.1 – Tagging

Hello fellow translators,

Overtranslation (translating what should not be translated) is a common problem for several people…. especially those who rely a lot on machine translation. The current feasible quick solution for this is to remove potentially harmful rows(when being translated) by using Context Tool. But, that’s it … the row is going to be deleted for good, and there is no easy way to bring the already deleted rows back into the project.

This is definitely not a good approach. So I think of several new approaches to help us filters things from being imported into the games.


From version 1.9.1 You can use tagging in Translator++.

Tags is more than just a fancy marker on the rows, it has an abundance of potential. But for now, you can prevent some of the rows being compiled into the game binary files by mentioning which tags do you want to blacklist or whitelist.

Tags will be displayed as color stripes on the row headers.

Each row can have more than one tags.

You can set a tag from grid’s context menu.

There are 5 quick access tag. But there are more inside “More tags…” menu.

On “More tags…” you can append, remove or set tags into selected rows.

Also there is one more dialog windows when you export your project into game patches or RPGMaker Trans Patch files :

Of course, you can ignore this dialog completely if you won’t do anything with your tags.

I would say, this is a big change on the UI and export routine of Translator++. Although I have checked everything … there might be a bug or two… please be kind and report that to me. And please don’t forget to backup your project before updating to this version.

Version 1.9.1

  • Tagging function now available.
  • You can excludes or includes rows based on their tags when export a project into a game patch format.
  • Bug fix: word wrap tool sometimes doesn’t work.

In the next update, I’ll add options to batch apply tags from Context Tool menu and Find menu.

This version is available for download in the patrons download section.

Happy translating!