Translator V.1.8.1 – Import from RPG Maker Trans Patch

Hello fellow translators,

Some developer has updated their games from previous version of RPG Maker engine to the newer one for example RPG Maker MV. And some 3rd party fan translators unable to update their translation because the engine has changed. And as we well know that RPG Maker Trans doesn’t support RPG Maker MV.

So, I think if Translator++ can import translations from RPG Maker Trans format, translator can continue their work regardless of the change of engine. 

Translator++ V.1.8.1 change log:

  • Feature to import translation from RPGMKTrans Patch format has been added
  • Bug: sometimes unable to import data has been fixed.
  • RPGMKTrans format exporter has been improved
  • Some UI Improvement.

Figure1 : Import from RPG Maker Trans patch files (*.txt)

You can download Translator++ V 1.8.1 on the Patron’s download page.

Happy translating.