RPG Maker Trans stuck at 99%

A few days ago a friend told me that he had difficulty when he was about to start a new project using Translator ++.

The symptoms are, when creating a project, the RPGMT window appears but is stuck at 99%.

Stuck at 99% indefinitely

After I searched, it turns out that this error is caused by a script plugin.

The plugin script contains:

  \c[#IIIIII] - change the text color to the hex code (temporary)

This script plugin is UMS (Universal Message System) by Ccoa.

That is what causes the parsing error process. The problem is: first, there is no error handling for this exception, so we only know that the application stops forever without any information. I have heard that some dedicated RPG Maker Trans users even wait all day … to no avail. And second, everything between =begin and =end should be ignored! because this is the syntax for multiple comments on Ruby.

The problem is solved by editing the plugin script and removing the problematic lines.

But you can still use Translator ++ by removing the problematic syntax.

But the biggest problem with this method is how to find the problematic syntax.
I found the problematic syntax by removing the plugin plug-in one by one and then trying to generate a patch with RPGMT CLI version. I did it repeatedly until I can pinpoint which script caused the hang.

At the moment there isn’t much I can do about this problem, because this is a 3rd party tool developed by other developers.