New escape algorithm, better translation & code escaping

Greetings fellow translators,

this is a quick update note for Translator++ Ver 3.4.5.

Yesterday I added a new algorithm to hide tags from the automatic translator.

You know, automated machine translators always find ways to mess with tags and code. With this new algorithm, standard tags and custom plugin tags like Yanfly’s can be maintained intact after going through an automatic translation process.

Previously an algorithm that I called aggressive splitting could hide tags from automatic translation. However, this algorithm causes extra white space added into the tags,  not to mention poor translation quality.

I call this new algorithm Hex Placeholder. Because it will substitutes all tags with 3 digit hexadecimal code before it is sent to the machine translator.

This algorithm is easier to implement than the others, and the translation results are slightly better.

Take a look at the following translation comparisons:

You see… no extra whitespaces between tags, and better translation quality (still reeks of machine though).

Starting from Translator++ 3.4.5 this algorithm will be the default algorithm for Google & Bing.

Please read Translator++’s documentation to know more about code escaping algorithm and how to change the algorithm.

Currently this algorithm only available for Google(the normal one) & Bing. I will also update the other translator engines in the near future.

Translator++ Ver 3.4.5

  • Add : Add new escape algorithm : Hex Placeholder
  • Fix : Beter escape algorithm & slightly better translation (relatively)
  • Update : Google translator engine ver 1.1.
  • Update : Bing translator engine ver 1.4.

Please try this new feature, and kindly DM me if you facing problems.

Translator++ ver. 3.4.5 is flagged as beta release and is available for $5 patrons or greater via auto-update only.