Translator++ 1.2.29 – Tagging from Search menu

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry, I’m very busy lately irl, because of that I barely had a time to write an article for the Translator ++ 1.9.29 update that was released 2 days ago.

There are many improvements to the latest version, here are the changes on version 1.9.29:

Translator ++ v. 1.9.29

  • Included hot-fix for ver 1.9.1
  • Improve capability of wolftrans.
  • Revamping search function
  • Adding functionality to set tags on search results
  • Support tagging for RPG Maker MV has been added
  • Search-replace now highlights replaced results too.
  • revamping Autoload functions. Now, all scripts within subfolders of Autoload folder will be loaded too.
  • Displaying default translator’s name on grid’s context menu.

The search feature has been enriched.

The appearance of the search feature changes slightly. And the most important change is, we can now set tags in lines found through search or replace function.

This will make it easier for us to quickly tag the potentially ‘dangerous’ rows from being exported into the game.

You might want to read this article about why it is important to exclude those potentially harmful lines.

More improvement

Some algorithms have also been updated so that loading times when opening applications will be faster.

Translator ++ Version 1.9.29 can be downloaded at the patron download page.

Happy translating.