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Word Wrapping in Translator++

When translating games from one language to another, it is very common if the translated text is longer than the original text.

When that happens, the text can overflows the dialog box.

The ugly phenomenon when translating games from one to other language called “Text overflow”

Fortunately Translator ++ has tools to fix this. (yaay!)

And we can fix this in batch! (hurray!)

Word wrapping steps are as follows:

In the left panel, select the file then right click. In the dialog box select “With (?) Selected”Wrap texts

“Wrap texts” tool in Translator++’s left panel

A “Wrap text” dialog will appear.

Select text context in Select Context or Manual Query.

For example, in RPG Maker MV, conversation dialog texts is inside “Message” context.

Then select the text you want to wrap in the “Source Column”

Select the target column in “Target Column” field and press “Wrap Text” when done.

Wait a moment, and the wrapped texts result will appear in the column you selected in the “Target Column”.

The Text Wrapping process will produce columns with different rows from the original.
However Translator ++ will automatically set the dialog boxes to appear sequentially.
However, this behavior only applies to Text dialogs or Scrolling texts.

The dialog box will appear twice instead of once as in the original game.
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