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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have translated my game using machine translator, and now it is unplayable. Help!!

First of all, you might be misunderstood the very purpose of this tool. 

Translator++ is a translation tool, not an AUTOMATIC translation tool. This is a tool to aid respected translator to create quality translation! Automatic translation is provided as a supplementary tool to achieve that goal. It is no wonder if you broke your game if you rely a lot on machine translation, because this software not designed to work like that.

Most likely an error in your game occurs because you are translating a script that should not be translated.

Please read this guide on how to properly translate a game using Translator++.

Most of the data are loaded, but why some data doesn’t loaded into Translator++?

Perhaps that data is blank, and no translatable strings are found.

Actually it’s common that in some games there is a map data that doesn’t contain any dialogue, so this map data will not loaded into Translator++.

I have translated all the texts, but why some texts are still untranslated in the game?

There is numbers of possibility.

  1. That texts are actually an image. Translator++ can not translate image files.
  2. That texts are resides outside the translatable scope of Translator++, such as : save data, the content of game variable, or hard-coded in one of the plugin scripts.
  3. Perhaps you have removed the related translation row in Translator++.

The automatic translation doesn’t work, usually it’s worked but it isn’t now!

You might have temporarily banned by the service. Just wait for a while, the ban will eventually lifted by it self.

How long it took until the automatic translation ban is lifted?

It depends on which service you are using. Usually on google, it took 24 hour.

Why I can not create a new project from some of Wolf RPG games?

Depend on the version of Wolf RPG Editor used, the key to decrypt Wolf RPG games may different. And Translator++ may fail to decrypt the latest version of Wolf RPG games.

Solution :

Try to extract all of your *.wolf data using any available 3rd party tools.

Sinflower’s WolfDec may be a good option for you.

And then don’t forget to rename (or remove) all your .wolf files before creating new project.

Can I use Translator++ for commercial purpose?

Of course you can! As long as you have all the rights to translate the game from the respective owner.

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